If you have foot pain, heel pain and any condition affecting your feet, custom made inserts by a certified pedorthist may be what you are looking for. Every human being is unique and certainly every human foot is unique as well. Good footwear is essential and fundamental in optimizing muscular and skeletal functionality of the entire body ; so in addition to being fitted for therapeutic and diabetic shoes, a custom made in-house orthotic fitted by a certified pedorthist can be just what it takes to keep you walking and most important, keep you walking pain free.

Here’s a description of how a custom fitted orthotic is made:

  • The fitting process First the foot is measured
  • An imprint is taken by the pedorthist from the molding box
  • The mold is filled with a special material to make a cast
  • The cast is then separated from the composite
  • It is then ground and fit into place
  • Orthotic is polished and perfected for best fit and comfort

Also custom made orthotics can be made accordance to specifications from your Podiatrist or sports medicine specialist. Improving performance, preventing injury, and helping the rehabilitation process are all part of the benefits of custom made orthotics by a Certified Pedorthist.

To really make a difference to a person suffering from disabilities or other conditions, you need a very knowledgeable and experienced individual. Podiatrists and other medical specialists would seem a logical choice to turn to in these cases, but this is not necessarily so. Your medical professional may have great expertise in bone and joint diseases and conditions, and knowledge of the drugs, surgery, and supplements to repair these problems, but the truly caring professional will refer you to the services of a pedorthist. If he or she does not, you will receive a mass produced, non-fitted insert manufactured for thousands even millions of people in your shoe size, from an outside supplier.

Your individual anatomy from hip to foot to toe is the focus of the pedorthist; his training is in the body dynamics, more specifically, the dynamics of the lower human body…Then of course in the actual fitting, and where the rubber meets the road, in the actual shaping and forming of the insert.

Even when orthotics end up not solving the problem, the decision was correct in trying them first. Walking, running, and general ambulation by a human is a complex, marvelous, and at times a befuddling thing. So very often, the first treatment mode does not work. So professionally fitted and custom made orthotics are one of the best treatment options as compared to potentially debilitating drugs, potentially crippling and complicating surgery, years of massage therapy or chiropractic manipulation and so on. Custom, professionally fitted orthotics are relatively inexpensive and many times extremely effective, with no bad side-effects.

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Diabetic Shoes and Custom Inserts for the Rio Grande Valley – Mediforce DME

Diabetic Shoes in the Rio Grande Valley - Mediforce DME

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