We carry a wide variety of incontinence supplies.

  • Adult Brief and Pull-ons
  • Mattress Covers
  • Under Pads
  • Skin Care
Incontinence Supplies - Addends - MediForce DMEAttends Healthcare Products are a premier provider of medical supplies, originating in the United States. Popular Attends products include a line of Attends Incontinence Care products.
Incontinence Supplies - Covers - MediForce DMEWaterproof Pads, Bed Covers & Sheets
Incontinence Supplies - Pads - MediForce DMEPads
Incontinence Pads - Ultimate incontinence protection day and night.
Incontinence Supplies - Soothe and Cool - MediForce DMESoothe and Cool -
Recommended when the skin is at risk but hasn't been compromised or damaged. Creates a barrier preventing moisture, urine and fecal matter from contracting skin.

Urological Supplies:

  • Catheters
  • Leg Bags
  • Accessories

Urological Supplies

Urological Supplies - Catheters - MediForce DMECatheter Supplies - Female and Male Catheters - Each patient has a unique and specific need. MediForce has a reputation for excellence in customer care and goes the extra mile to meet each client's needs
Urological Supplies - Insertion Kits - MediForce DMEUrological insertion Kit - Each kit has all the materials required to insert a catheter.
Choose your own drain bag and catheter size to meet the needs of specific patients.
Urological Supplies - Leg Bags - MediForce DMEUrinary Drainage Leg Bag with Drainage Tube and Clamp is made of heavy vinyl and comes with a pair of latex button straps. Ideal for extended wear, this leg bag contains odor and is leak resistant.
Urological Supplies - Urological Supplies - MediForce DMEMediForce Medical Equipment and Supplies is here to provide you with the levels of freedom you deserve. Our professional staff is ready to answer your questions and deliver the information you need to make an educated decisions

If you need any of these products, please contact us. Our staff is ready to assist you. Your privacy is assured.

For animations about female and male catheterization, please click here.